Reculver Towers

Flanked by Margate and Herne Bay you could easily miss Reculver and that would be a mistake. It’s got lots of history. It’s the place where the Romans landed. The Emperor Claudius routed the English here. They built a fort,Regulbium, here which remained occupied until they quit Britain in 407 AD. Some of the original walls remain.

On a clear day you can see the Maunsell Forts amongst the huge number of wind turbines. These fortified towers were built in the Second World War to defend London and were named after their designer Guy Maunsell. Barnes Wallis, of bouncing bomb fame, tested them here. In June 1997 the army retrieved the last and biggest of the proto-type bombs from the river.

Reculver St Mary's Church

It is the twin towers of a 12th Century monastic church that is the most arresting feature of the place. They dominate the landscape. In 1805 the church was demolished. A plaque on the west wing explains that Trinity House took over the towers so that they could continue to be markers for passing ships. There are a few lichen encrusted tombstones but only one is legible which marks the grave of John Collard who died 1760.