It was with some trepidation that I went to lunch last Monday afternoon at the Sun Inn in Faversham. My apprehension was based on previous experience as the last time I went  we were turned away as we were 5 minutes beyond the lunch deadline.  My husband and I were deeply disappointed as the food looked particularly good especially the scotch eggs which many, more fortunate,  customers were eating with relish.

Even though it was a Monday afternoon there was a steady flow of custom.  A very welcome sight in these hard times for local pubs. There is a restaurant or you can get bar meals.  We went for the bar meal option.  The scotch egg formed part of the The Sun Local Board which also included Ashmore cheese and Fidgit Pie.  I subsequently found out that this is a traditional English dish served to workers busy in the fields.

When the waiter brought our food we were surprised at the size, they were exceptionally large.  He explained that they were meant for sharing, but no one had informed us nor was there anything on the menu board to explain this.  The waiter then unhelpfully commented that it wasn’t his fault as he had not taken our order.  It was a remarkable display of disregard for the customer which did reinforce our previous experience of this pub.

The food itself was very good and the bread, which is baked on site, was particularly delicious.  There was just far too much of it for two people.  I could see why the Fidgit pie would have been a staple for the hop pickers in days gone by.  The scotch egg also lived up to our expectations.  It was such a shame that we had to leave so much of this wholesome fare.

The bar staff were talking very enthusiastically about the forthcoming closure of the pub as it is to be used as a film location and the staff will also be working as extras.  I do hope that  they make more successful actors as their skills as hospitality workers falls well below the mark.

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